New Beginnings

The Quest is Given

Huuh, Mira, Leoril, and Ashta formed a party in the Nentil Inn. They decided to go to Winterhaven together to investigate the note that Huuh and Mira found while in the Kobold Keep. This not was an offer for allegiance from an entity called Iron Tooth.

While on the road, the party was attacked by some Kobold Bandits, an elf named Erevan came to the aid of the party, and ended up joining after being attacked by Huuh.

In Winterhaven, the group spoke with a cleric. This cleric told the group that the grand master cleric has gone missing, and asked them to investigate his disappearance while she researched the name kalrel, and how he might be connected with this whole affair. The group found a tunnel out of the grand cleric’s room, as well as a secret lab. The Group is now heading out to find the kobold lair, to both investigate the disappearance of the grand cleric, and to profit from the bounty that has been placed on kobold heads.



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