New Beginnings

The Kobold Keep

Kobold Keep

Mira, a Drow vampire/assassin and Huuh, a Shield Dwarf Weaponmaster were both hired by a dwarf armor smith to retrieve a silver dragon hide which was stolen by a band of raiders on the Kings Road, just outside of the town of Fallcrest. It turned out that a tribe of kobolds had infested an abandoned manor house just off the road. Mira and Huuh went to the manor, now called Kobold Manor, in order to find the missing dragon-hide. After two days of battling through the kobold bandits, and avoiding their dastardly traps, the two heroes finally discovered that the Kobolds were being led by a white dragon. They fought the dragon for hours, but finally ended up victorious.

While examining the area for loot, they found a stash hidden within the bottom of a locked chest. In it contained a mysterious note. Mira was advised by a wizard to go to the town of Winter Haven to learn more about the contents of the note. Huuh decided that the money so far has been good, and to accompany the Drow, despite his misgivings about working with a dark elf. Now, Mira and Huuh are resting in the Nentir Inn, within the city of Fallcrest. Looking to form an adventuring party to continue their investigation



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